A History of Establishing Strategy & Delivering Results

Over 25 years of product management and strategy experience in delivering industry-leading hardware and software products and services for companies ranging from startups like AnyLog, BioXyTran, DraftKings, Dymec, Elbee, Fortress Technologies, Gaiascope, MDX LifeSciences, Net-Hopper Systems, Prognosis UK, Vcinity, and Xanoptix to established companies including General Dynamics, GN Netcom, Nortel and Stratus Technologies.

AnyLog's decentralized IoT SaaS data fabric/data mesh platform supports big data analytics for applications like the Smart Grid, Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities. Their solution enables secure, real-time, scalable access to IoT and Edge data, at low cost and with the ability to administer smart contracts via blockchain or other secure mechanisms. Collaborated with the CEO and CTO on strategy, business model, and go-to-market plans. Guided product roadmap, requirements and priorities. Facilitated key strategic proof-of-concept trials, ecosystem partnerships, and venture capital investors.

Gaiascope is a startup with SaaS predictive analytics products that harness big data using a hybrid of AI coupled with physical models, to provide intelligence for the bidding and dispatch of electricity grid assets to optimize real-time energy trading. Oversaw the strategic direction, development, and lifecycle of Gaiascope’s AI-based software solution. Identified product-market fit and defined outcomes-based roadmaps in support of the overall business strategy. Determined product gaps and generated new ideas to drive both customer and internal value. Developed business model, product positioning, and pricing to provide customer value with measurable ROI. Implemented marketing initiatives including website, collateral, and social media to drive awareness. Introduced improvements to the agile product development process and provided coaching to team members.

Vcinity is a startup offering a product platform that solves the challenges of mission-critical, geographically distributed data applications by transparently extending SANs over the WAN. Drove product vision, led strategic initiatives, and ensured tactical execution. Established and maintained product management processes, tools, and best practices. Set product vision, strategy, and roadmap with associated metrics, OKRs and KPIs.

Bioxytran is a developmental stage biotechnology company working towards a first-in-class oxygen treatment platform for victims of stroke and Ischemia. Provided guidance on strategy, go-to-market, product development, fundraising, and assistance creating and refining pitch decks.

MDX LifeSciences is a clinical stage biotechnology company developing autologous transplantation for tissue and organ regeneration. Provided guidance on strategy, go-to-market, product development, fundraising, and assistance creating and refining pitch decks.

Stratus Technologies provides high-availability solutions that ensure businesses stay up and running. Turned around Stratus’ software business within 9 months and achieving 31% YoY growth. Launched award-winning fully virtualized and self-protecting converged IoT edge computing products specifically designed for the IIoT and Industrial Automation markets. Introduced the first SaaS and PaaS offerings to position the company for long term growth.

Fortress Technologies is a startup provide secure, ruggedized wireless products for government and defense applications, as well as adjacent critical infrastructure markets. Diversified Fortress Technologies secure mobile wireless product portfolio including the launch of groundbreaking secure mobile wireless mesh network technology. Helped grow revenue to over $50M with Fortress products becoming the largest tactical wireless network in the Department of Defense, positioning the company for successful acquisition by General Dynamics for $170M in 2011.

Elbee is an early-stage consumer electronics start-up in the smart device, wearable technology space. provided product development, pricing model, go-to-market, and marketing guidance.

DraftKings is a venture capital-backed start-up targeting the online fantasy sports market. Early advisor, providing guidance on formation, product development, go-to-market, growth strategy, and financing.

GN Netcom provides wired and bluetooth products for personal and office communications, and the consumer electronics markets. Grew GN Netcom’s $250M (JABRA) North America business, revamped the pricing structure; ended channel conflict, achieved a margin enhancement of 3% and increased revenue by $15M/yr, and implemented operational changes resulting in over $3M annual cost savings.

Dymec provides secure ruggedized networking equipment for critical infrastrucure inducstries like power utilities, oil and gas, and transportation. Turned around Dymec by restructuring the product portfolio, increasing market share, and opening new markets to grow annual revenue from $5.7M to over $30M. Improved management of 150 rep and reseller channel, growing sales revenue by 17% CAGR Built strategic partnerships with Bow Networks, Freewave, SoftStuf, Subnet Solutions, and Tactical Software. Initiated discussions culminating in the merger of Dymec and GarrettCom in 2006.

Xanoptix is a semiconductor startup focused on the parallel optics market. Defined Xanoptix's go-to-market strategy and drove new product development with for world’s highest density parallel optic transceiver fiber-optic connector products. Negotiated key licensing deals and partnerships with Tyco, Molex and Emerson, and grew the Tyco relationship to a manufacturing services agreement to enable volume production for Xanoptix.

Net-HOPPER Systems is a startup that provides customers the ability to centralize test and monitoring equipment and switch it in to troubleshoot network problems in real time. Key contributor at Net-HOPPER from start-up to acquisition by Spirent Communications for $85M in 2000.